Custom Labeling

Working to Help Streamline Your Warehouse Operations

Save Time & Deliver Higher Levels of Service

Customize labels on every carton to meet your requirements or your customer's specifications

Custom Label

Custom Labels Means More Custom Service

Time saved Processing your inventory is time you can spend Selling your inventory.

Save Time

Save time processing your inventory -- no need for re-labeling.

Read It or Scan It

Read it or Scan it: All information appears in alpha-numeric and bar-code formats.

13 Fields

13 fields let you include all the critical information you need: P.O. Number, Part Number, your customer's number and more.

Ship Direct from Kanebridge

Ship directly from Kanebridge to your customers with each carton labeled the way you want it using our Drop-Shipping service.

Include Your Information

Go beyond the numbers to include the information you want the most: Part Description, Country of Origin, Supplier Code, Date Order Ships or any information you need.

Easy Setup

Easy, one-time setup.